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What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition defined by chronic widespread body pain with no obvious medical explanation. In Canada, it affects as many as 900,000 people (approximately 3% of the population). The majority of these are women who are four to nine times more likely to develop fibromyalgia than men.

Because it is difficult to diagnose, it can be difficult to treat. And, presently, there is no clear cure for the condition. This makes fibromyalgia physically and emotionally exhausting to live with.

Still, there are ways to manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Research suggests that nutrient deficiencies are at the root of many of the symptoms. So, IV Therapy offers relief and hope to people living with fibromyalgia. By giving the body the nutrients it needs, physical pain and mental distress are reduced and a person’s quality of life can be improved.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Chronic widespread pain throughout the body is the most obvious symptom of fibromyalgia. But, it isn’t the only red flag that might alert someone (and their healthcare provider) to the condition.

Other common symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Fatigue or constant tiredness
  • Headaches (including migraines)
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Memory problems and lack of concentration

In some cases, a person with fibromyalgia may also experience:

  • Problems with the digestive system like bloating, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and pain in the abdomen
  • Tingling feeling in the hands or feet
  • Jaw and face pain, including TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome)

Fibromyalgia presents differently in different people. This is part of what makes it so hard to diagnose and to treat.

 Image [Background]: Woman sitting in bed holding her head in pain. Text [Set on white text block]: Common symptoms of fibromyalgia

Treating Fibromyalgia with IV Therapy

Research about the root cause(s) of fibromyalgia continues to support the theory that nutritional imbalance could play a role in the development of the condition. So, working to optimize the levels of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients is an important part of managing the symptoms of fibromyalgia and “may help to alleviate some of the pain and depression caused by the condition.

Intravenous Vitamin (IV) Therapy delivers high doses of nutrients, vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This makes it an effective treatment option for people living with fibromyalgia.

The Benefits Of IV Therapy For Fibromyalgia 

Recent studies have shown that fibromyalgia patients who received IV Therapy treatments “reported reductions in chronic pain and chronic fatigue associated with the condition, and improved ability to function through their daily activities.”

The nutrients provided by IV Therapy bypass the digestive system and are absorbed more quickly and in higher concentrations than through food or oral supplementation. And, when your body has enough available nutrients, it has what it needs to heal and reach a more optimal state of health.

“When optimal levels of nutrition are achieved, pain levels are usually lowered.” Fibromyalgia and Nutrition: Therapeutic Possibilities, NCBI

When treating fibromyalgia with IV Therapy, we focus on supporting the health and function of nerve cells and muscles. Some nutrients and vitamins used in our IV formulas for fibromyalgia can include the following:

  • Vitamin B5  to reduce fatigue, promote healthy digestion and support the production of red blood cells
  • Vitamin B6 to help the body metabolize magnesium and to support the production of serotonin
  • Magnesium and Zinc to boost energy levels and reduce muscle and joint pain
  • Amino Acids like ALCAR ( Acetyl L Carnitine) to reduce pain and depression
  • Glutathione to combat chronic fatigue and help with detoxification
  • B complex to support the production of serotonin, cellular metabolism, brain health and quality sleep
Image [Left]: IV therapy bag filled with fruits to suggest high nutrient content. Text [Right]: “When optimal levels of nutrition are achieved, pain levels are usually lowered.”

Manage Fibromyalgia Symptoms With Customized IV Therapy Treatments

The pain and emotional distress caused by fibromyalgia can make it difficult to function and enjoy life. Finding ways to manage your symptoms and support your body’s systems is critical to your health and wellness.

If you live with fibromyalgia, providing your body with enough of the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals is essential. Research has shown that patients who achieve more optimal nutrient levels experience much less pain and distress as a result of their condition. Fortunately, IV Therapy offers a safe and effective way to give your body the nutrients it needs.

At Horizon Family Naturopathic Clinic, Dr. Richa Grover ND can create customized IV infusions based on your body’s specific requirements. You can receive your IV Treatments in the privacy and comfort of the clinic with the support and guidance of your healthcare professionals.

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