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Dr. Shreya Kasbekar | Naturopathic doctor

Hello! I’m Dr. Shreya Kasbekar, ND and I’m honored to pe a part of Horizon Family
Naturopathic Clinic. My passion for healthcare began during childhood where
observing my parents, who are medical doctors, practice by using integrative approach
towards patient care where diet and lifestyle changes were always integrated with
conventional care with great importance. This was the source of my inspiration and therefore encouraged me to pursue naturopathic medicine.


Along with this, my upbringing has nurtured me into being an empathetic, considerate
and an understanding individual that desires to help people be their best self by
supporting them in the journey towards their optimal health. When it comes to
naturopathic medicine, my goals are to approach people with compassion and
kindness, be their guidance and help educate them on different ways to heal from

I immigrated to Canada from India in 2014 and began to explore my passion for
medicine at Trent University, from where I graduated with Honors in Biology and
Psychology and have graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
in 2023.

Some of my areas of interest include:
• Gastrointestinal Health
• Stress Management
• Autoimmune Concerns
• Sleep Concerns
• Energy
• Inflammatory Conditions
• Weight management
• Hormone Balance
• Pain Management
• Fertility Care

Some of my favorite modalities to incorporate in practice include nutritional and
lifestyle counselling, acupuncture, botanicals, supplements, laser, hydrotherapy, and
bodywork such as cupping and trigger point release.

When it comes to enjoying time outside of work, I find pleasure in reading mystery
novels, listening to music and spending time relaxing outdoors, especially by beautiful
lakes and seas!