IV Therapy Helps Your Body Get What It Needs For Optimal Health.

If your body is depleted or you are struggling with an ongoing health concern, IV Therapy can help. Ideally, our diets should provide us with all of the nutrients we need for optimal health. Unfortunately, for reasons ranging from a nutrient-deficient diet to conditions such as poor digestion, food sensitivities, inflammation, compromised immunity and chronic or acute illness, absorbing enough nutrients through the digestive tract alone is not always possible.  As a result, our health and resiliency are compromised. 

How IV Therapy Works

IV Therapy is a safe and effective way to make nutrients and minerals directly available to your body.  By bypassing the digestive system, nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream where they are absorbed more quickly and in higher concentration than through food or oral supplementation. When your body has enough available nutrients, it has what it needs to heal and to reach a more optimal state of health.

Dr. Richa Grover tailors IV Therapy treatments for you right here in Peterborough. The vitamins and minerals included in your treatments are selected to suit your individual needs and can help manage or improve conditions such as: 

  • Depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue: Help your body boost its natural production of neurotransmitters to alleviate the symptoms of depression and help regulate your mood
  • Digestive issues including Crohn’s and IBD: Reduce inflammation in your gut, shorten flare-ups and extend the period between episodes. Healing your digestive system can help to restore your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. This leads to higher energy and better overall health. 
  • Cancer Care: Used alongside chemotherapy and radiation, high dose Vitamin C  IV Treatments for cancer can help reduce common side effects like nausea and low energy thereby increasing your quality of life. 
  • Fibromyalgia: Magnesium-rich IV Therapy treatments can help to ease the muscle and joint pain caused by fibromyalgia. 
  • Migraines: Relieve your migraine quickly and effectively including associated symptoms like pain, nausea, and vomiting. 
  • Immune system support: Boost your body’s natural defences to avoid becoming ill and help to shorten the duration of the cold or flu you already have. 
  • And so much more….

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