Many times people are not able to absorb their nutrients well through their digestive tract due to poor digestion, food sensitivities, inflammation, poor immunity or chronic illness.
IV treatments are safe and effective way to get 100% of nutrients in your blood stream and help in cell repair and healing.

Intravenous treatments can be beneficial to manage various conditions like:

– immune boost
– fibromyalgia
– high blood pressure
– neuropathy
– cancer
– anti aging
– migraine headaches
– Lyme disease
– inflammatory bowel disease
– anxiety and depression
– detoxification
– muscle fatigue/soreness/ tightness
– malnutrition
– tissue and wound repair post surgery
– macular degeneration
And much more. 

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Our mission is to provide holistic care and an alternative medical options to our patients in Peterborough and the surrounding area.

By spending the time to get to know you, we gain the insight necessary to help you overcome your medical obstacles.

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