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Lab Testing & Vaginal Examination

At HFNC, we offer a variety of lab testing to help identify the root cause of problem and provide more information about patient’s health condition.

Some of the testing includes:

  1. Blood tests: Dr Grover ND at HFNC can order wide range of blood tests through Life labs including CBC, iron profile, Fatigue panel, Cholesterol panel, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, thyroid panel, blood glucose levels, female/male hormone panel, fertility tests and so on.
  2.  IgG food sensitivity testing: Food sensitivity can be associated with poor digestion, migraine headaches, skin diseases like eczema, acne and much more. Identifying foods that one is sensitive to can help create an elimination diet to help in the healing process of the body.
  3. Urinalysis: It helps to identify hydration status and kidney function. It is really important in screening of urinary tract infection. We offer in clinic urinalysis and also through life labs for full microbiological testing.
  4. Pap smear: Dr Grover ND offers testing for cervical cancer screening through PAP smears that will be performed at the clinic by herself.
  5. Vaginal Swabs: Also called vaginitis tests.  This test helps us identify the cause of vaginitis which could be infection or inflammation.This swab helps your doctor to identify the causes of vaginitis which may be either bacteria, yeast infection  or viruses. The swab is sent to Life labs for further testing. Vaginal swabs are also used for testing for Sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. Vaginal examination: This examination is performed by your Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Grover. It is performed in 3 parts.

a. External Examination: Dr Grover will examine area outside of vagina that includes clitoris, labia, vaginal opening and anus to look for any signs of inflammation or infection.

b.  Speculum Exam:  A speculum instrument is gently placed in your vagina so that your doctor has a full view of vaginal wall and cervix for examination and testing.

c. Bi-manual examination: This is the last part of examination where internal organs like ovaries, uterus and pelvic floor muscles are palpated.

*Please note, lab testing is not covered by OHIP when ordered by a Naturopathic Doctor, some of the testing may be covered by insurance comparies.